Learn himachali language

  1. Where- कुथी
  2. Who- कुण
  3. When- काहली
  4. A lot of -मता
  5. Say- गलाणा
  6. What are u doing- क्या करदा
  7. Where are u going -कुथी जाहदा
  8. chilli- पीपळ
  9. Rice -भत्त
  10. boy- छोरू
  11. Girl- छोरी
  12. How much it is time- किन्ने बज्जी गए
  13. We will do your work -तोहां दा कम करी दिंगे
  14. chapati( wheat roti ) – फुल्का
  15. Headache – खोपरे पीड़


  1. please translate in pahari language

    my state is Himachala pradesh , our official language is Pahari, pahari language is very sweet to speak. most of the people speak pahari only

  2. Nice ji.. M also himachali but m leaving in Chandigarh. The above are very useful.. But i need more.. M keen to learn himachali. I tried to find books but not a single book is available in the market. I appreciate this what you have done. Please make a website on learning himachali if possible..
    Thanks n regards,
    Ashish Thakur

  3. dear ashish . if you are belongs himachal pradesh so know about your local language . bcus its very necessary. if you have any clearification plz revert back . i m also himachali

  4. Bhai m Uttrakhand se Hu, Kai logo se suna h ki Himachal or Uttrakhand same h but I think Himachal ki language Thoda different h

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